Historic Ghost Tours

History, Haunts & Legends Tour

Walking Tour of Downtown Waynesville

This guided walking tour recounts the history, haunting stories, and slightly sordid past of Waynesville and Haywood County from the early days of the Cherokee natives to the rise of the railway, moonshine, and tourism in the mountains.  Listen to the legends and tales of the “Witch of J. Creek,” the first man hung in Haywood County, the giant known as “Judaculla,” the “Boojum” of the Balsams, the Invisible Spirits of Cold Mountain, and how the fog on the mountains can drive a person absolutely crazy.  While this may not be your typical “ghost tour,” our historic haunting stories are sure to captivate any audience.  Click here to read more details and to book this tour.

historic ghost tours
Dating back to the late-1800s, this home belonged to Dr. Joseph Howell Way and his wife, Marietta. It was expanded to include Marietta's grandfather's pre-Civil War-era home because she did not want it destroyed.
historic ghost tour
Our tour guide, Dannehl Strautz, captured this strange image in the window of the Old Waynesville Hardware store. It certainly looks spooky!
historic ghost tours
This fun family showed their scary spirit on a recent tour.
historic ghost tours
This adventurous tour group decided to walk down the alley connecting Main Street and Wall Street, but they got spooked and turned around. Hmm ... would you be brave enough to keep going?

Greenhill Cemetery Tour

Walking Tour of this 200-Year-Old Cemetery

On this walking tour of the Greenhill Cemetery, you’ll hear how it originated as the resting place of the Love family in the early 1800s on through its rich and haunting history over the last 200 years. See the seven tombstones created by W.O. Wolfe, father of Thomas Wolfe (author of Look Homeward, Angel), and the burial place of several local heroes, including William Holland Thomas, the only white chief of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee. You’ll also hear about the devastating impact of the “Blue Death” on Haywood County as well as the “fight for southern rights” and how it tore many local families apart. Click here to read more details and to book this tour.

historic ghost tours
See the breathtaking view from the top of Greenhill Cemetery where the Greenhill Academy, Waynesville's first school, once stood.
historic ghost tours
These gravestones honor a father and son who were both woodsmen that died the same year.
historic ghost tours
In this 200-year old cemetery, the gravestone of Rebecca Moore has become part of the natural landscape.
historic ghost tours
This is one of several original hand-written gravestones scattered throughout the cemetery. It honors Marcus Britain, a Confederate soldier killed in battle.

Haywood County Paranormal Tour

Featuring the TLC Sisters of the Paranormal

If you’re intrigued by the spirit world, this tour is for you!  We’ve team up with the TLC Sisters of the Paranormal from nearby Canton, NC to tour several locations in Waynesville that are thought to be haunted, such as Mast General Store on Main Street and the courthouse square.  Our resident haunting history buff, Dannehl Strautz, will tell tour guests the spooky–and sometimes tragic–history of each location, and the TLC Sisters will use their paranormal ghost-hunting tools to investigate and possibly connect with the spirits. 

  • Please call our office at 828-246-6777 to book this tour.
  • Available by special request only with at least 48 hours notice
  • Ideal for those 16 and older
  • Involves some walking
  • Minimum of six people
  • Lasts approximately 3.5 hours
historic ghost tour
The TLC Sisters use their paranormal equipment to communicate with the spirits at Greenhill Cemetery.
historic ghost tour
Paranormal "believers" would say that the flashes of green and white light by the grave stones indicate spirit activity. Do you believe?!
historic ghost tour
One of the TLC Sisters is approaching a site in Waynesville that's thought to be haunted.
historic ghost tour
In the dark of night, the tour group explores paranormal activity.